Shoulder Workout! (With a partner)

Today was a pretty aggressive shoulder workout. Rest breaks in between sets and lifts were no longer than 30s-1min and in-between moving into machines. I like to do a lot of reps with my workouts or at least get 8 solid reps, because for one, my shoulders are my weakest point and for 2 if I tweak it wrong then my other workouts from upper body will suck because shoulders are your main secondary muscle. So working them out, make sure you warm up and stretch really well and start off super light.

Here are my specs for my workout. It may seem light to you but range your power to weight ratio and try this! It'l work you out for sure!

Specs: Ht: 5'6

            Wt: 135

Warm up: Stretch first, Cable ropes (with wrist twist) 3 sets x 40, 50, 60lbs

Make sure you stretch! Ok moving on. Head over to the cable machine. drop the machine all the way down to the last spot and add your cable ropes. I set mine at 40 lbs to get a really controlled movement. Now face the opposite direction of the machine and put the cable ropes in between your legs and grab them.(Not your legs lol). Keep your arms straight and slightly lean forward and lift the ropes to about your face and curl your wrists away from you. I hit about 20 reps and my shoulders were on fire. Continue this for 2 more sets with heavier weight. I did 50 at 20 and then 60 at 15. Switch with your partner after every set and immediately go next after.

1. Shoulder Press Machine 4 sets x 45, 70-drop 45, 90-drop 45, 90-drop 45 ( spot recommended)

When I mean 45lbs I mean a 45lb plate on each side etc. First set I hit 20 reps no help and no break. Got pretty hard around 15, so those 5 extra reps are MONEY. Next set added a 25lb plate on each side and hit 10 then dropsetted to the 45s for 10 more(which was failure) 3rd set i took off the 25s and added a 45 for a total of 90 lbs on each side. I used a spot to load up and hit 8 then I dropsetted to 45s for 12 more reps. 4th set same thing except I pumped out 10 reps at 90 then 10 more reps at 45.


2. Smith machine shoulder press. 4 sets x 35, 45 drop-35, 60-drop 35, 60-drop 35

Ok, hope you guys are burning a little bit by now. So again when i mean 35 etc I mean a 35lb plate on each side so on and so forth. 1st set 35 x 15. After the last workout we immediately went to these so I was dying. Felt like a weak S.O.B. 2nd set 45 x 10 reps and then 35 x 8 reps. 3rd set 60lbs x 8 reps and 35 x 10 reps. 4th set 60 x 10 reps and 35 x 10 more reps. By this point I was super pumped, so I hope you are too. If this workout has been too light then add more weight corresponding to your power to weight ratio.


3. Standing Behind the Head OHP(Over head press) 3 sets x 10, 15, 25-drop 15 and 1 set Lateral raises 25 x 20- drop 15 x 20 reps. 

OHP's. I am personally weak at these so I used light weight and controlled reps. 1st set 10lbs x20 reps. 2nd set 15lbs x 15 reps. 3rd set 25lbs x 8 reps- dropset 15lbs for 8 more reps. Ended this workout with Lateral raises. Lateral raises is a lift where you grab the bar close grip and raise it to your face. They suck... so good though. 1 set only 25lbs x 20 - dropset 15lbs x 20 reps. BURN bb.


4th. Dumbell Delt Flys 25lb dumbells 2 sets x 15 reps

Very simple, get on the edge of the bench seat and start your rep in between your legs, with arms slightly bent do a fly. 1st and second set 25lb x 15 reps


5th. 35lb plate raises. 2 sets x 15reps slow and controlled

I don't care if its burning like crazy and you want to give up, keep those arms slightly bent and raise that plate! 2 sets with 15 second breaks for 15 reps each. I must really like the number 15.

6th. Caple ropes(again)

Last but not least for a burnout hit cable ropes for 30 reps at a lightweight. I set mine at 45lbs.

Done. Go home and drink a protein shake, maybe some rice and chicken.. Let me know how it feels! If you loved it let me know, if you hate it, also let me know!


Total time: 1.15hrs


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