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Subscription Boxes

Finally a way to enjoy our clothes without the hassle of choosing what to get, and always going to checkout.


Each Month, we will send you a package with exclusive items, only available through the box packages! All package holders will get a hint of what they might get, but for the most part, not knowing is all the fun! Trust us when we say, we won't send you something you don't like, If anything you'll be rocking items you can't get online! 


Date Breakdowns If ordered: Monthly 

1st-15 (Boxes will be sent by the 30th-2nd)

31st-15th (Boxes will be sent by the 17th-20th)


On months that aren't 31 days it will be rounded by nearest day.


All orders will be sent at the same time regardless of date ordered.


Return Policy: There is no return or refund policy, but you can cancel the box at any time! 



We are so sure that you will love your products that we arent afraid to get any questions are comments on the box. We are just so stoked for you guys to be getting our gear, hassle free! 


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