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About us

What is Bxactiv?


Bxactiv represents everyone who strives to live active, by BEING active in everything life has to offer. An active community member, an active athlete, or just an active super parent, we create products that you can be proud to wear, knowing that they represent more than just an article of clothing, they represent you. The movers and shakers, the go getters, and fun lovers; thrill seekers and community leaders. People who don’t give up. People with the “Almost There” mindset. Never giving up on their daily goals, striving to be one step more ahead than yesterday. Not stopping until the task is done because in your mind you know “You’re Almost There.”



What does BXAV mean? Why BXAV.

The B represents you. The X is the conjunction that connects the B (you) to our Acronym Activ (AV)



"Divisional Brand but NEVER Divided."

What does that mean?

Divisional: Meaning Partition. Sub Parts/Categories that make up one big category.

We are a clothing company that promotes all aspects of fitness. From lifting, to surfing, hiking to fighting, we are here for all things active. Our brand ambassadors are set up in divisions to better cater to their specific talent, which will better help you in any question you may have in one of our divisions.

Looking forward to having you on our team!